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Chiropractic is the SCIENCE of locating and ART of correcting SUBLUXATIONS without drugs or surgery and the PHILOSOPHY that the body can heal itself when the nervous system is functioning properly. You see I do not treat pain, nor diagnose disease here, I detect and correct SUBLUXATIONS to keep you, your family and our community healing. As a Dorr MI chiropractor, I take great pride in providing unadulterated chiropractic in order to give individuals and their families a strategy to care for their spines and transform the way they view and manage their health.

Dorr Chiropractic

I realize that in order to see a chiropractor for routine adjustments you must know, like and trust them. Dorr Chiropractic was purposely designed as a boutique, one person office for two reasons:

  • In order to keep overhead low and in turn pricing affordable.
  • So that all correspondence goes through me and we can build a relationship of care and trust


Life is busy and you never know when you'll want or need an adjustment. That's why at Dorr Chiropractic you never need an appointment, simply walk in any time. Whether you're a regular coming for routine joint maintenance, or you've just sustained an injury and are looking for a strategy for healing well, my hope is that you can feel comfortable walking in whenever Dorr Chiropractic is open.

Going to the chiropractor has never been simpler. Dorr Chiropractic is an easily located boutique office in the same strip as Ace Hardware, behind HD Soaps and across the street from Leppink's grocery, in Dorr, Michigan. Whether you're new here or not, no appointments are necessary, simply walk in at your convenience during open hours.

we may be able to help:

Chiropractic Dorr MI Carpal Tunnel




Chiropractic Dorr MI Sciatica



Receiving chiropractic adjustments isn’t always cheap or easy these days. Often times it can take weeks to get an appointment and when you finally do it can cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you get the whole family adjusted. Dorr Chiropractic's goal has always been to keep adjustments affordable by keeping things simple and overhead low.

Dorr Chiropractic is proud to offer walk in adjustments at only $33. Multiple pay-ahead options are also available that lower the price per adjustment even more. And what's even better is that if you have children, up to two of them under the age of 18 is $10 to get adjusted with you.

Quality Care

An affordable chiropractic adjustment is one thing. Getting a quality adjustment is another. At Dorr Chiropractic the chiropractor's aim each visit is simply to detect and improve the misalignments and restrictions in your vertebrae, known as subluxations. These subluxations put pressure on your nerves and interfere with your body's ability to heal itself. By adjusting and moving the bones that are restricted and out of alignment, the brain is better able to communicate with EVERY part of the body again. That way your innate/inborn ability can immediately go to work to help you heal better when faced with the bad stress, pain, and symptoms that life inevitably throws at you.