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Welcome to Dorr Chiropractic. Thank you so much for taking time to come to the office, like the social media pages, watch the videos and read these FAQs. People of all different ages, backgrounds and occupations come to this office with many different goals in mind. Some come in pain with absolutely no experience getting adjusted, while others come looking to get adjusted 1-4 times a month as a way to promote their body’s innate/inborn ability to heal when faced with the bad stresses of life. If you’re unfamiliar with what chiropractic in Dorr MI is here are a few frequently asked questions that I hope give you a more comprehensive understanding.

Final Thoughts

In this life there are finite games and there are infinite games.

Finite games have a beginning and an end, typically with very specific rules. Think of sports or video games. There are objectives and a timeframe to complete those objectives.

Infinite games never end. Think of marriage or working out. The point of marriage isn't to get married, it is to stay married. The point of working out isn't to get in shape, it is to stay in shape. These games never end if you are successful at them.

I view health as one of these infinite games that never end. You will never get to a point where you are able to stop working on your body if you want a "healthy" life. Variables are always changing (age, location, toxicities, unforeseen injuries, etc.) and you will always have to recognize and combat these variables so that you can live as long and vibrantly as you can. You can not be passive in this pursuit.

My hope is that adjustments are a tool in your health toolbox that assist you in combating the stresses and injuries that inevitably show up in your life. Never forget that our bodies are made to heal. Movement is a huge piece of that healing. So be sure to move yourself often and in diverse ways. And if you find that chiropractic adjustments can be a part of that movement journey then you are welcome at Dorr Chiropractic anytime.


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