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FAQs at Dorr Chiropractic in Dorr MI

Welcome to Dorr Chiropractic. Thank you so much for taking time to come to the office, like the social media pages, watch the videos and read these FAQs. People of all different ages, backgrounds and occupations come to this office with many different goals in mind. Some come in pain with absolutely no experience getting adjusted, while others come looking to get adjusted 1-4 times a month as a way to promote their body’s innate/inborn ability to heal when faced with the bad stresses of life. If you’re unfamiliar with what chiropractic is here are a few frequently asked questions that I hope give you a more comprehensive understanding.

Chiropractic is the science, philosophy and art of detecting and correcting subluxations, particularly in the vertebrae of the spine in order to support your body’s innate/inborn ability to heal itself. That’s it. We cannot, should not and do not treat pain or any named disease, we simply correct SUBLUXATIONS.

A SUBLUXATION is a vertebra in your spine that is restricted or out of alignment with the bone above or below it which pinches the nerve next to it. These subluxations interfere with the messages sent back and forth between your brain and your body. When the brain isn’t able to communicate with any part of the body, that part of the body doesn’t function properly anymore. Over time that part of the body becomes sick or diseased, and eventually causes you pain and suffering.

Bad forms of stress. Stress comes in 3 forms; mechanical, emotional and chemical. Bad mechanical stress can include regularly lifting with poor form, sitting at a desk often or improperly healed old injuries. Bad emotional stress can be financial issues, a sick friend or a death in the family. Bad chemical stress can come from eating poorly, smoking/drinking in excess or the daily detergents and cleaners we use. It doesn’t matter the source because bad stress in any form causes muscle spasms. Prolonged spasms lead to tension on your spine and this tension leads to the misalignments and restrictions of the vertebrae that we call SUBLUXATIONS which cause interference on nerves and ultimately dis-ease.

Bad stress leads to muscle spasms and tension. This tension leads to subluxations. If a SUBLUXATION lasts too long without being adjusted it causes changes in the way your body moves which is called a dysfunction. If a SUBLUXATION and dysfunction persist, they can cause prolonged pressure on nerves and arthritis. These nerves go to all the cells, tissues and organs of your body and if there’s pressure on a nerve for too long it will cause disease in whatever organ it is going to. This will cause you to have to see a medical doctor for drugs or surgery and cause more bad stress, then the cycle may start all over again.

The most effective, cost effective and sane way to prevent SUBLUXATIONS is by eliminating bad stress in your life through eating mainly whole organic plant-based foods/drinking lots of water, moving your body daily in diverse ways and either meditating praying or journaling routinely. This will help to prevent those 3 forms of bad stress and prevent the muscle spasms/tension that lead to SUBLUXATIONS.

With an ADJUSTMENT. We gently move the bone that is restricted or out of alignment back into place and off the nerve. This allows the brain to communicate with that part of the body again. After an ADJUSTMENT your innate/inborn ability immediately goes to work to help you heal better and feel more alive, connected, positive and energetic. Medicine’s goal is to have you feel less pain. Chiropractic’s aim is to have you heal better and feel more.

Chiropractic can help if we determine you have a SUBLUXATION. On the first visit I’ll check your spine by looking at your posture, palpating your spine and performing a movement assessment. I will only send you out for an x-ray if you absolutely need it. And in most cases, you’ll be ADJUSTED on your first visit.

No 2 people are alike. The body typically heals very quickly after being ADJUSTED and in fact most people only require a few ADJUSTMENTS to begin to heal better and as a result feel better. But if you’re not taking care of other areas of your healing, like eating organic mostly plant-based foods, moving your body in diverse ways every day, sleeping 6-8 hours a night and staying positive with daily prayer, journaling or meditation it’s going to take longer to heal.

Once you’re both healing better and feeling more, what gets you well can keep you well and you’re likely to return to the office with your family for regular chiropractic checkups. The latest scientific research shows that getting your spine checked for subluxations and ADJUSTED once every 7-14 days not only helps you heal better and feel more but it also prevents arthritis by keeping your joints moving properly. That’s why I suggest you get your spine checked and ADJUSTED once every 1-2 weeks for the rest of your life like I do with my own family. Healing well and in turn feeling well is not about a long arbitrary treatment plan or a secret number of visits. It is about partaking in simple lifestyle habits that promote your body’s innate/inborn ability to heal itself. That is why I will never put you under a ‘treatment plan’, as I don’t know a secret number of visits to get you well. All I know is that having a body that heals well requires habits that are repeated over a lifetime, similar to eating properly and moving your body often.

I have great news! At Dorr Chiropractic no insurance is needed. My low fees are posted right on my website and typically my fees are less than most insurance copays, not to mention the high deductibles most people have to deal with when they try to use their insurance these days. My entire goal when I opened this office was to make routine chiropractic ADJUSTMENTS as accessible and affordable as possible. That way families can make getting ADJUSTED a lifestyle habit that promotes a life focused on healing.

If you have more questions or are curious what getting ADJUSTED looks like make sure to friend me, Mike Dumond, on Instagram and also like and subscribe to the Dorr Chiropractic Facebook and YouTube pages. And if you have a positive experience at the office please refer your friends and family! Thanks!


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